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Chiropractors For You makes it easy to find a Chiropractor in Canada. Select the Province, City and then find a local DC. Read the reviews, call the chiropractor to learn more or visit their website. Use the large maps find your way to your local chiropractor. A Chiropractor (DC) is a doctor that specializes on holistic and non-surgical treatments to many conditions, including most spinal pain. Chiropractors focus on the interconnected relationship between the nervous system and the spine and believe that when the spine is misaligned, it can affect the nervous system. Chiropractors believe that by getting regular chiropractic treatments, the structure of the spine can often be restored, reducing pressure on specific nerves and improving the health of the individual. DCs also try to work with in patient education with exercise and ergonomics. DC's are not medical doctors and do not have the MD specification. They do, however, have a Doctorate in Chiropractic, a DC, and have more specialized spinal training than a typical MD has. Chiropractors are Back specialists and are sometimes called Chiros. The CCA ensures that all members are licensed Chiropractors.

Chiropractors by Province or Territory

Alberta Chiropractors - 1083
British Columbia Chiropractors - 1121
Manitoba Chiropractors - 344
New Brunswick Chiropractors - 65
Newfoundland Chiropractors - 57
Nova Scotia Chiropractors - 106
Northwest Territories Chiropractors - 2
Ontario Chiropractors - 3319
Prince Edward Island Chiropractors - 14
Quebec Chiropractors - 1177
Saskatchewan Chiropractors - 259
Yukon Chiropractors - 3

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Name : Sainte Anne Chiropractic Cl
Address: 232 Central Avenue
City: Ste Anne, MB
Phone: 204-422-6435


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